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Everyday Work Vibes | Photography
Traveling, Coast to Coast
Cross Country Road Trip | Photography
Behind the Scenes with George Lois
Set Photography
Business Photography
Headshots, Portraits, Office & Workspace
Storytelling, Brand Messaging, Testimonial, and Promotional Filmmaking
Mighty Penguins Sled Hockey Practice
Event Photography
Social Media Day Pittsburgh 2017
Event Photography & Website Banner Video
Bantha Tea Bar
Website Content Photography with Imagebox
Take Yoga
Promotional Photography
Red Star Kombucha
Website Content Photography with Imagebox
Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
Photography for art exhibit with Nicholas Hohman
Shadyside Presbyterian Church Events
Event Photography
RPTS Seminary School
Photography and Video for Website with Viiops
Unique Perceptions Glass Experience
Fine Art Photography
Video Experiment
Brian Weaver (music)
Promotional Photography, Video, and Graphic Design
Interior Photography
Family Portraits
Senior Portraits
Drumming, Photography, and Video
Community Collection
Gallery Photography
Graphic Design
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